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Proud partner of FUGA (IIP-DDS) since February 2023.

About Us

Friendtastic Records is an online music distributor platform who wants to bring music to the masses with an ease. We are also a proud partner of the biggest B2B music distributor FUGA. We are dedicated in finding and promoting talents in all different genres of music from rock and rap, to EDM, and alternative. We strive to provide our artists with the support and resources they needed in creating amazing, and unique class of music. From creating a career plan, to publicity, and promotion, Friendtastic Records is truly committed to help our music artists in reaching their dreams.

What do we offer for your Music?


We deliver success. Let us handle your distribution needs.


Monitor and analyze data to gain deep music insights.


Royalty payment processing. Fast, secure and accurate reporting.


Protect your work with our copyright services.

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$ 0 /12 Months
  • 1 Artist
  • 5 Releases
  • No Customized Label
  • No YouTube Content ID & Facebook Fingerprinting
  • No YouTube OAC Request
  • 50% Revenue Earned
  • Release Delivered 2-4 weeks
  • Basic Support


$ 29
/12 Months
  • 3 Artists
  • Unlimited Releases
  • 3 Customized Labels
  • YouTube OAC Request
  • Professional Artist Support
  • 100% Revenue Earned in Distribution
  • 85% Revenue Earned in YouTube Content ID & Facebook Fingerprinting
  • Releases Pre-Save Links
  • Link Music to Tik Tok, Facebook & Instagram
  • Customized Label Name


$ 18
/12 Months
  • 1 Artist
  • 100 Releases
  • No Customized Label
  • No YouTube Content ID & Facebook Fingerprinting
  • YouTube OAC Request
  • Premium Artists Support
  • 85% Revenue Earned
  • No Releases Pre-Save Links

Remix Store

Ready to electrify your audience with a musical journey through the ages?

Check out Friendtastic Remix Store – your one-stop for a vast collection of remixes and mashups.From ’60s grooves to today’s chart-toppers, we’ve got tracks for you to blend and elevate. Friendtastic Remix Store delivers top-quality remixes.